Root Canals in Springfield IL

Root Canal Treatments Springfield IL | Ruggless DentalIn most cases, Dr. Shane Ruggless can provide root canal therapy in the comfort and familiar environment of our Springfield, IL dental office without the need for a referral to a specialist.

We know that most patients dread hearing that they need a root canal, but the truth is that you will probably feel a lot better after your treatment. The worst part of needing a root canal is experiencing the symptoms that accompany the condition.

What Causes the Need for Root Canal Therapy?

In some cases, your tooth may experience trauma and require a root canal, but in most cases, root canals are necessary because of an infection inside your tooth near the nerve. Often, infected teeth remain asymptomatic until inflammation causes pain, sensitivity, and pressure. Other symptoms that may indicate the need for a root canal include changes in the color of the infected tooth, a small lesion on the gums, and jaw or facial pain.

Inflammation can exacerbate other systemic conditions, putting your health at risk. Infections may feel worse on some days than others but rarely resolve on their own. Seeking treatment at the first signs of trouble can save you time, pain, and inconvenience, and it helps us to save your tooth. 

The last thing anyone wants is dental pain in the middle of the night – it makes it difficult to relax or sleep. Often symptoms worsen at night because you are lying down and inflammation gets worse. Calling us right away is your best bet and we will do everything possible to care for you quickly and effectively, and our dentist will determine your best treatment options.

Root Canals | Ruggless DentalRoot Canal Treatment

The goal of root canal treatment is to eliminate the infection in your tooth and restore your health and comfort. Dr. Ruggless will make sure you are numb for your procedure before he begins.

He will start by creating a small access to your tooth and clear out any diseased tissue and infection. He will then sterilize the inside of your tooth and place medication to help prevent a repeat infection.

Once he is confident that no bacteria remain, he will seal your tooth with a temporary restoration. We will schedule a follow-up appointment to make sure you are healing properly and discuss pain management. While it is normal to have some sensitivity after treatment, you should notice improvement with each passing day.

Post-Root Canal Restorations

Once you have a root canal, your tooth may become brittle and break more easily. In most cases, we will recommend a dental crown to help protect your tooth. Having a root canal and the proper restoration can prolong the life of your tooth by decades. Saving your natural teeth whenever possible is important not only for your appearance but also your overall oral health.

Are You Experiencing Tooth Pain?

If you have a dental emergency or are experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity, contact Ruggless Dental today. We do our best to treat dental emergencies quickly and accurately so that you can feel like yourself again.