Dentures in Springfield, IL

Customize dentures being shaped | Springfield IL DentistIf you want to address missing teeth and improve your quality of life, you might consider full or partial dentures. Having well-designed dentures can allow you to eat a wider variety of foods and to speak and smile confidently.

Dentures have improved over the years. You might remember your grandparents’ dentures – big, bulky, and awkward. Those dentures are old news! Today, we create natural-looking, well-designed dentures that you will feel proud of. Both appearance and function are a priority for us at Ruggless Dental when it comes to creating your dentures. After all, it makes sense that you would expect both comfort and beauty in all of your dentistry.

Removable Full Dentures 

If you have had all your teeth on your upper or lower arch removed, you could benefit from full removable dentures to complete your smile and help you maintain a healthy diet.

Dr. Shane Ruggless will create custom dentures that match your bite and your facial features so that you can smile confidently. With complete dentures, you can choose a shade that gives you confidence while still looking natural.

Our dentist in Springfield, IL creates dentures from an acrylic (gum-colored) base and artificial teeth. Upper complete dentures work by creating a suctioned seal with your upper palate. Lower complete dentures work by attaching to your bony ridge.

Removable Partial Dentures 

If you still have some of your teeth remaining, we can use them to anchor a partial denture. Keeping the teeth you have can preserve your remaining bone structure and add stability to your partial denture.

When we create a partial denture, we will match it to your existing teeth so that it complements your smile. We can create partial dentures with either a metal base or a lightweight pink resin base. 

Implant-Retained Dentures in the 62704 Area 

Married couple wearing dentures in Springfield in a parkCreating dentures that fit well is important. Being able to eat and speak confidently is a big part of enjoying life! If extra stability is what you are looking for, we can design your dentures to lock-in to dental implants so that they stay put when you need it most.

It is particularly difficult to create dentures that fit your lower arch well, especially if you have experienced some type of bone loss. Having dental implants can help give you confidence and comfort.

Implant-retained dentures can also help preserve your remaining bone so that you can enjoy a better fit overall.

Caring For Your Dentures 

Keeping your dentures clean and using only a cleaning solution designed specifically for dentures will prevent them from being scratched by abrasive materials. Scratches in your dentures can collect stains and bacteria.

When your dentures are not in use, it is important to keep them moist. If you damage your denture, contact us right away so that we can provide a repair or replacement as quickly as possible.

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If you have missing teeth and believe that dentures might be right for you, contact our Springfield, IL dental office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ruggless. We look forward to seeing your smile!