Dental Fillings in Springfield, IL

Dentist in Springfield IL examining a pediatric patientTooth decay is one of the most common dental conditions that patients experience. By adulthood, most patients will experience at least one incident of tooth decay and require a dental filling to repair the problem.

Causes of Tooth Decay & Cavities

Food particles, especially sugary or starchy foods, make great fuel for bacteria. Bacteria create a biofilm on your teeth and gums that can cause decay or periodontal disease if not addressed promptly. As bacteria feed on food particles and reproduce, they create an acidic environment that softens the protective outer shell of your teeth, which is called enamel.

Once the enamel becomes weaker, decay can enter into the softer layers of your teeth beneath the enamel and cause cavities, infection, and even tooth loss.

Dental decay rarely causes pain in the beginning. By the time a cavity becomes painful, it can be quite severe. During routine exams and dental cleanings, our Springfield dentist uses regular dental x-rays to diagnose tooth decay before it puts your teeth at risk.

At Ruggless Dental, we use low-radiation digital x-rays on our patients. Not only do they emit up to 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays, but they also allow for greater accuracy in diagnosis because of the high-resolution images they produce. We take only the x-rays necessary to accurately monitor your health and detect any changes.

Fillings to Restore Damaged Teeth

When you have decay in your tooth, removing it is essential. Decay does not resolve on its own and generally worsens over time. Dr. Shane Ruggless, DMD will gently and completely clean all decay and bacteria from your tooth, leaving only healthy tooth structure behind. If anesthetic is necessary, he will make sure to use the appropriate amount and give it time to work before he begins.

Once the bacteria and decay are removed from your tooth, he will seal your tooth and rebuild its structure using composite filling material. Composite is tooth-colored and comes in many shades so that we can match it to your smile.

He will place the composite in layers and cure it, making it hard and durable. Once your tooth structure is rebuilt with composite, he will shape and polish it so that it is comfortable, feels smooth, and seamlessly matches your natural tooth.

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings in Springfield, ILA group of children smiling at Washington Park in Springfield IL

Composite works by adding to your healthy tooth structure, which means that we remove only the diseased portion before restoring it. With old amalgam fillings, it was necessary to remove more of your healthy tooth structure for them to work.

The aesthetic benefits far outweigh those of amalgam fillings. Composites do not darken or scar your smile – they will be virtually invisible when you smile.

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