General Dentistry in Springfield, IL

General dentistry provides all the essential services that families need to maintain good oral health. Dr. Shane Ruggless, DMD and our entire team at Ruggless Dental have experience treating patients of all ages—from toddlers to kids, teens, adults, and seniors.

Your oral health needs change throughout your lifetime. Having a general dental team that customizes your treatment based on your changing needs can keep every smile in your family healthy, comfortable, and beautiful.

The Importance of Preventive Dental Care

Preventive dentistry provides one of the best ways that you can protect your smile and avoid dental emergencies.

  • Dental exams
  • Diagnostic x-rays
  • Professional dental cleanings

Large family sitting in Washington Park in Springfield ILBy making your scheduled preventive dental appointments, you give our team the opportunity to detect and treat common dental problems before they result in pain or tooth loss.

Services for Damaged or Missing Teeth

When you do have a cavity or a damaged tooth, the proper dental restoration can protect it and give it a longer, more comfortable life.

Dental fillings seal your tooth after Dr. Ruggless removes all signs of decay. We can match your filling to the color of your tooth so that it does not negatively impact the appearance of your smile. No one will even notice it!

A dental crown protects a damaged tooth after a fracture or large cavity. It gives your tooth stability and reduces sensitivity and discomfort. Dental crowns in Springfield, IL also protect teeth after having a root canal.

When a tooth needs to be removed to protect your oral health, we also offer:

  • Dental bridges
  • Dental implants
  • Partial dentures
  • Full dentures

At our Springfield dentist office, we offer a full range of cosmetic dental services for those patients wishing to improve the appearance of their smiles.

Emergency Dentistry in Springfield, IL

If you are experiencing a dental emergency near Springfield and do not yet have an emergency dentist to take care of you, the Ruggless Dental team invites you to contact us at (217) 787-0212. We treat all varieties of dental emergencies, often on the same day. Of course, the faster you let us know that something has changed with your oral health, the faster we can get you back on track to good health.

Dental emergencies that require an immediate appointment include any condition that involves pain and any situation where you have a knocked-out tooth. Painful conditions could mean an infection or fracture, or that decay has advanced to the nerve, which is an advanced form of the condition.

A knocked-out (avulsed) tooth can sometimes be saved with prompt treatment. Keep the tooth from drying out and avoid handling it by the root, and Dr. Ruggless may be able to replace it and stabilize it long enough for it to heal properly.

Broken crowns, fillings, or lost restorations can sometimes be a dental emergency. Call our Springfield, IL dental office to get the answers you need. Our helpful team will guide you through the process necessary to have you feeling like yourself again in no time.

Affordable Treatments at Ruggless Dental

Patient smiling looking into hand mirror at dentist near me Springfield ILWe know that most families work on a budget these days. We are committed to helping you fit the dental care you need into your budget. From estimating insurance to offering dental patient financing, we do our best to make it easy for you to get great dentistry at Ruggless Dental.

If you are getting a particular dental treatment and would like to pay for it over time, we offer CareCredit financing to make it easier on your budget. CareCredit is a third-party financing company that specializes in health care, dental, veterinary care, and vision financing. They offer both six- and twelve-month interest-free financing options, and you do not accrue interest during that time.

It is easy to find out if you qualify for CareCredit. You can apply online at and get an answer right away. Be sure you enter our office as your preferred dental office so that it links to us, making payment easier.

If you need additional help or have questions about insurance coverage, benefits, the cost of your treatment, payment options, or anything else, you can visit our financial page or simply give our Springfield, IL dental office a call. We are always happy to help and look forward to giving you great dental care!

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