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Dental Crowns

This person had been a patient of the office for years, and was starting to have some issues with teeth and fillings breaking. He wasn't sure what he needed, but was hoping that he could strengthen his teeth as well as improve his smile.

Dental crowns for improving smiles

Dr. Ruggless performed a full oral exam with dental x-rays and photography. Several options were discussed, but ultimately it was decided that a majority of his teeth would require dental crowns. This would achieve the patient's goals as well as provide cosmetic and restorative dentistry. What you see here in these final images was the end of phase 1 treatment. This phase included root canals, crown lengthening performed by a local periodontist, core buildups, and cosmetic dental crowns. The result you see in the final image is ten crowns on his upper front teeth.

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The patient was extremely happy with the final results! If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry, dental crowns, or a full smile makeover contact Ruggless Dental at our Springfield office today. Or you can request an appointment with us on our contact page.

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