Dental Extractions in Springfield, IL

Facing a dental extraction can feel like a stressful experience. At Ruggless Dental, however, we do our best to make your treatment comfortable and to provide you with plenty of tooth replacement options. Having a plan to protect your health is the best way to avoid complications that come with tooth loss.

Woman with bad tooth pain in need of an extraction near 62704When Tooth Extractions Become Necessary 

We make every effort to protect all your teeth with world-class dental restorations and modern preventive techniques. Sometimes, however, tooth loss is unavoidable and removing a tooth may be the best way to protect your health. Some of the common dental conditions leading to extractions include:

  • Trauma from an accident
  • Infection
  • Periodontal (gum) disease
  • Fractured (cracked) teeth
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Bone Loss

Comprehensive Surgical Care in Springfield, IL

We know that any type of surgery can come with a certain level of anxiety. We work closely with patients to help them feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment. Dr. Shane Ruggless is experienced, professional, and gentle when it comes to caring for our patients and will always put your health and comfort first.

We start with a full medical history so that we understand how to address your condition successfully. When Dr. Ruggless determines he must remove a tooth to protect your health, he will also give you tooth replacement options to complete your smile.

He will use the appropriate amount of anesthetic to ensure that your procedure is painless. He will also go over any post-surgery instructions so that you heal as quickly as possible.

We perform most extractions in the comfort of our office without the need for a referral to a specialist. Our patients truly appreciate the quality care we are able to offer right here in our Springfield, IL dental office. 

Restorative Dentistry to Replace Missing Teeth 

Dental patient smiling after tooth extraction procedure in Springfield, ILLosing a tooth not only affects your appearance but also puts your overall oral health in jeopardy. When you lose a tooth, you also begin to lose bone. Your teeth and bone have a dependent relationship. Your tooth root stimulates bone growth, and your bone provides the foundation for your teeth. When that relationship is disrupted, your bone may begin to recede in a process called resorbtion.

When you leave a gap in your smile due to tooth loss, your remaining teeth will naturally begin to move toward the gap, causing them to tip. This disrupts the health of your bite and may cause additional tooth loss.

The best method of replacing a missing tooth depends on your health, lifestyle, and budget. Dr. Shane Ruggless will discuss the pros and cons of your treatment options with you, and together, you can create a plan that preserves your health.

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