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Tooth Extractions 101: When They Are Needed and What to Expect

March 24, 2021
Posted By: Ruggless Dental
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Sometimes, a severely damaged or decayed tooth must be removed to preserve a patient’s oral health. Extractions are typically a last resort for treatment if your tooth cannot be saved with a root canal or another type of rehabilitative procedure. At Ruggless Dental, we perform comprehensive oral surgery and gentle tooth extractions in Springfield, IL.

Common Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

There are several reasons why a person may need a tooth extraction. Perhaps you broke your tooth during a high-spirited hockey game or you are experiencing a painful gum infection? Whatever your reason may be, Dr. Shane Ruggless and our team at Ruggless Dental can provide you with the care you need in a non-judgmental and compassionate environment. 

Here are seven of the most common conditions that can lead to a dental extraction:

  1. Trauma or injury
  2. Infection
  3. Decay 
  4. Gum disease 
  5. Emerging wisdom teeth
  6. Bone loss
  7. Broken or cracked teeth 

If left untreated, a damaged or infected tooth can pose a serious risk to your oral and physical health. But, there's no need to worry! Our dentist in Springfield makes every effort to protect your smile using advanced technology, high-quality dental restorations, and customized preventive methods. 

The Tooth Extraction Process in Springfield

At Ruggless Dental, we make dental extractions as simple and painless as possible. We even perform extractions in the comfort of our office for the convenience of our patients. 

As with any procedure, Dr. Ruggless will first review your full medical history and determine the best treatment option for you. If he determines you need an extraction to protect your smile, he will do his best to make the process easy and low-stress.

When it’s time for your procedure, Dr. Ruggless will administer an anesthetic so you don’t feel any pain or discomfort during treatment. Once he gently removes the tooth, he will recommend a restorative option that best completes your smile. To ensure you have a speedy and efficient recovery, Dr. Ruggless will also review any post-surgery instructions based on your unique needs.  

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Dr. Ruggless is a Springfield dentist with the skills and experience you can trust. If you have a persistent toothache, don’t wait to get relief! Our team at Ruggless Dental can alleviate your pain and diagnose the area of concern in our family-friendly dental office. We can help you find the best treatment available to protect your oral health and cater to your smile goals. 

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