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What to Know About Dental Emergencies

August 31, 2020
Posted By: Ruggless Dental
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Severe and immediate tooth pain is a common reason patients in Springfield, IL often seek same-day emergency dental care.

Dr. Shane Ruggless and his incredible dental staff are experienced in maintaining checking oral health and determining the source of pain. Sometimes it's a tiny cavity that continued to grow and now needs a root canal. Other times, it might be a sudden broken tooth.

Gum disease creates another dental emergency where the gums recede and expose the roots. This often causes a lot of pain and will need immediate dental attention.

Our patients at Ruggless Dental should never have to live in discomfort, misery, or pain. Our dental staff does their best to relieve your stress, anxiety, and discomfort. 

A tooth that is infected tooth may not initially show any symptoms until it is a swollen abscess. Abscesses are severe tooth infections that affect your jawbone and oral cavity. Your Springfield dentist may recommend oral surgical treatment to remove any disease before it spreads.

Preventive Dentistry Is the Best Medicine

Some dental emergencies cannot be prevented; they can be accidents or sports injuries. However, most dental emergencies are a result of poor oral health, diet, and lifestyle. It might seem minor to skip brushing and flossing your teeth a couple of times, but often this can continue being a bad and neglectful habit. Most importantly, daily brushing and flossing eliminate the daily build-up of harmful plaque. 

If you can't see your Dr. Shane Ruggless regularly, you can prevent painful and possibly traumatic dental emergencies by merely taking care of your teeth and avoiding sugary beverages. At Ruggless Dental, we recommend drinking lots of water to hydrate your body and to flush away harmful bacteria from your mouth.

Contact Our 62704 Dentist Office for Emergency Care

It's always important to remain calm and not panic. Our Springfield dental team is here to keep you safe, comfortable, and healthy!

If you are feeling symptoms of a dental emergency near Springfield, IL, such as abnormal pain or sensitivity, don't hesitate to contact Ruggless Dental. We can help determine if you need to see Dr. Ruggless right away. 

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