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Tooth Decay Near The Gum Line

Do you notice any discoloration or darkening of your teeth around the gums? Does your tooth seem to be wearing down or getting a notch along the gum line? Do you have gum recession, and/or are your teeth sensitive to cold? These are all symptoms of a tooth decay near the gum line. 

When you visit our Springfield dentist office, Dr. Ruggless will examine your teeth for these symptoms. 

Gum Line Cavity Treatment

There are many options to repair tooth decay and cavities near the gum line. Restorative procedures at Ruggless Dental include dental fillings, gum grafts, fluoride treatments, sensitivity toothpaste, and much more.

In this case, the patient had several cavities along the gum line. The enamel on their teeth had broken down over time due to the patient being a soda drinker. The acid in the soda has slowly eaten away the protective enamel and has exposed the dentin underneath. Once dentin is exposed the tooth can become sensitive and is very susceptible to getting a cavity. For this case, we determined that the best option would be to remove the dental cavity and place a tooth-colored filling. We select custom shades to help blend the fillings naturally to your teeth. In this case, we were able to complete a successful filling with no trauma to the gums.

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The patient was very happy with the results, and is focusing on reducing their daily soda intake! Remember to pay close attention to the area where your gums and tooth meet. There could be issues with the teeth, gums, or both. If you notice any changes or are concerned about cavities and tooth decay, give Ruggless Dental a call today at (217) 787-0212 to schedule your next dental exam. 

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