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This patient had a history of dental trauma at an early age. She was in an accident that caused her to lose her front teeth. Over the past few decades she has had multiple bridges to replace her front teeth.

Dental crowns and bridges to improve smiles

Due to the nature of bone loss and teeth wear, her smile with her teeth started to move higher up causing an uneven smile. The patient's complaint was that her smile looked it like arched in the front, and you couldn't see her teeth when she smiled. The patient had a previous top denture with very worn lower teeth. Ruggless Dental's final treatment plan included 9 dental crowns on the bottom to even out her smile along with a new upper denture. The patient was amazed by her final smile and wished she had done the treatment years ago.

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If you are looking for a smile makeover using dental crowns, dental veneers, or dentures please contact us at Ruggless Dental for a cosmetic evaluation. You can request an appointment through our website here.

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