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Why do I need to regularly see my dentist?

man getting dental exam & cleaning in Springfield ILIn a perfect world, everyone would brush and floss every day without fail.

Still, even in that world, plaque happens. It builds up, and only a dental professional can remove that accumulation. Plaque contains harmful bacteria that can ruin all your plans, like your enamel, even your entire tooth. 

This is why regular visits to your favorite dentists in Springfield can help us get rid of existing plaque and identify any dental health issues. Dr. Ruggless can determine when dental problems can become infections, disease, abscesses. By maintaining regular dental visits with us, we can prevent dental emergencies and treat dental problems while they are still small. 

A six-month dental cleaning and exam not only keeps your mouth clean and, but it also allows Dr. Shane Ruggless to identify potential future dental emergencies. 

Family & Preventive Dentistry in Springfield, IL

For some patients, six months may not be enough to maintain optimal oral health. Based on your oral health history, rate of plaque buildup, and pattern of tooth decay—we may recommend seeing us every 3 or 4 months instead. 

If you have any questions about our dental check-ups and exams or would like to schedule an appointment, please don't hesitate to call Ruggless Dental today at (217) 787-0212!

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