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Do you see children?

Pediatric dental patient smiling outside near Springfield ILAbsolutely!

We welcome patients of all ages to our Springfield, IL dental office. We recommend that we start seeing your child when their first baby tooth emerges or by the age of one. Parents are always invited to bring their children with them for their own dental appointments to help ease them into the world of dentistry. 

Good Oral Health Starts Young

Early visits to our pediatric dentist in Springfield allows children to become accustomed to the sights and sounds of a dental office. They also get used to our welcoming dental staff and the dental office environment. We introduce them to the treatment room, the sounds different tools make, and even let them ride the dental chair. Together, we count their teeth and learn about oral health.

Children benefit from early childhood dental cleanings and exams as Dr. Ruggless monitors their oral and general health. We ensure that they are meeting all their milestones and developing on schedule. Our twice-yearly dental check-ups look for common dental issues like tooth decay and gum disease, which children are very much susceptible to.

Schedule A Visit With Our Children's Dentist in Springfield!

By taking your little one to their family dentist at a young age, you make oral health a routine part of their regimen, which can set them up for excellent teeth and gums as they get older.

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