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How do you plan implant restorations?

Dental implant diagramWhen planning for dental implant restorations in our Springfield, IL dental office, we work closely with some of the area’s finest oral surgeons, who will place your dental implant in the ideal location for outstanding results.

Reliable Tooth Replacement

With a success rate of more than 95 percent, dental implants are one of the most reliable and long-term ways to replace a missing tooth in the wake of extraction or accident that causes the loss of your natural tooth.

Dental Implants Process

To create your dental implant crown with the proper size and shape, we will need to take impressions of your tooth and bite. We will use this information to create a dental implant crown out of porcelain or ceramic that fits perfectly with your teeth and bite.

Dental implants crowns sit on top of an attachment, called an abutment, that screws into the top of your dental implant. Abutments determine the angle at which your crown will sit in relation to your other teeth. This helps ensure that your bite and smile are properly aligned.

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Of course, Dr. Shane Ruggless will also ensure that the shade and coloring of your dental crown blend in perfectly with your natural teeth. No one will see your dental implant, just your smile, which is why so many of our patients opt for dental implant restoration in our Springfield, IL dental office!

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