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What happens during a root canal procedure?

Despite the myths and rumors, root canal treatment is a common restorative procedure that should not be painful. We use numbing anesthetics and medications to desensitize the tooth and surrounding areas so patients feel the same amount of discomfort as they would during a filling: virtually none.

Root canals in Springfield, IL relieve any tooth pain with your infection. 

Root Canal Treatment in Springfield, IL Diagram of healthy tooth and tooth with infected root at Springfield dentist office

Do you need a root canal? Through decay, infection, or injury, bacteria enters the inner part of your tooth, and your pulp is now at risk. Once inflamed, the pulp can create severe tooth pain. 

Patients may also notice that the gum line near the tooth is swollen, and there may be a blister on the gums.

The Root Canal Procedure

During root canal treatment, our Springfield dentist numbs the area around the painful tooth before removing any infected tissue. This should immediately relieve any pain while we clean and disinfect the rest of the tooth.

At your next dental visit to Ruggless Dental, we may fill the tooth or use a dental crown to protect it.

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