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What is the difference between dental veneers and bonding?

Do you have a smile that you love, except for one noticeable flaw?

A great smile can be rendered incomplete with just one chipped or broken tooth. Incredibly yellow or stained teeth can detract from how otherwise wonderful your laugh is. 

Whatever your smile flaw is, large or small, our cosmetic dental procedures in Springfield, IL like dental bonding or veneers can reshape, shade, and revamp your smile. 

Porcelain Veneers vs. Dental Bonding in Springfield, IL

Close up of patients smile at exam for porcelain veneers in Springfield ILPorcelain veneers are beautifully crafted dental restorations that consist of translucent porcelain that adheres to the front part of your tooth. In contrast, dental bonding allows Dr. Ruggless to apply layers of composite resin to the tooth carefully and precisely shape it. 

Both cosmetic dental treatments work to enhance your smile and hide any flaws.

For patients who are looking for a more dramatic, Hollywood smile, we may recommend veneers since they can be designed to match the smile of your dreams. With veneers, patients can change the shade, shape, size, and even alignment of their teeth. 

For patients who are looking for a more subtle or cost-effective treatment, dental bonding in Springfield, IL provides many of the same benefits in just one dental office visit. 

Enhance Your Smile at Ruggless Dental

The friendly and knowledgable dental team at Ruggless Dental can help you determine which procedure is perfect for you, your lifestyle, and your budget. It all starts with one phone call and a visit to our dental office. 

Call us today to schedule your evaluation with Dr. Ruggless so we can go over your smile goals and how we can reach them. 

We look forward to your call today!

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