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What to Do When You Have Tooth Pain

July 29, 2021
Posted By: Ruggless Dental
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Tooth pain may come on suddenly, causing severe pain, or it may start as a dull ache and worsen over time. No matter what type of pain you’re having, it’s important to know what to do when you experience dental pain.

Pain Signals a Dental Problem

Tooth pain typically doesn’t occur for no reason. If you begin experiencing pain, the best course of action is to contact Ruggless Dental to book an appointment for an exam. Dr. Shane Ruggless, DMD will thoroughly evaluate your situation in our Springfield dentist office to determine why you’re experiencing tooth pain.

When he finds the source of your pain, he will explain exactly why your tooth is hurting. Then, he can recommend appropriate dental treatment as a solution to your pain.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain can originate from a variety of problems. However, there are a few common reasons for tooth pain, including:

  • A cavity
  • An infected tooth
  • A fractured or broken tooth
  • Tooth decay

If you have any of the above, it’s vital that the issue gets treated as soon as possible. A tooth infection can lead to serious health issues if left untreated, and a cavity or broken tooth may lead to additional oral health problems if not addressed promptly.

Possible Treatments for Tooth Pain

The treatment for your tooth pain will vary depending on the cause of your pain. Treatments for tooth pain often include:

We will discuss potential treatments with you during your visit. We want to make you comfortable as soon as possible when you have tooth pain, so we will do our best to perform the appropriate treatment quickly and efficiently.

Contact Our Dentist Office in Springfield, IL!

If you need emergency dental care for tooth or gum pain, we offer urgent treatment in our Springfield dental office. Dr. Ruggless is here when you need him, and our team of dental professionals provides gentle but efficient treatments to relieve your tooth pain.

We encourage you to contact our friendly dental team today at (217) 787-0212 if you or your loved one is experiencing tooth or gum pain.

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