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3 Potential Dental Emergencies That You Shouldn't Ignore

April 25, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Shane Ruggless
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You know your body better than anyone, and when you encounter a change in your oral health, you might wonder whether you could let it go for a little longer or if you should have it treated right away by scheduling an emergency dental exam.

When in doubt, you are always welcome to contact Ruggless Dental. Our team can help determine if an emergency dental exam is necessary and get you the answers you want.

3 Dental Emergencies You Should Never Ignore

#1 – Tooth Pain

If dental pain occurs, it is always time to give us a call. Prompt action may mean the difference between being able to save your tooth and recommending an extraction. Emergency dentistry is a high priority in our Springfield dental office, and we will do our best to provide treatment on the same day, whenever possible.

It’s easy to forget about your teeth until something hurts. Dental pain is typically not a good indicator of a dental condition, such as decay, because pain occurs when there is nerve involvement, which might not occur until the condition is well advanced. Regular dental exams and x-rays will help us identify any problems before pain occurs.

#2 – A Broken Tooth

A broken tooth may or may not cause pain, but still requires immediate attention because once a fracture breaches the protective enamel layer of your tooth, it essentially opens it to all the dangers inside your mouth – food particles, bacteria, and continuing damage – all of which put your tooth at risk.

We can address your broken tooth quickly by placing a filling or crown so that it is protected from outside influences that may ultimately cause tooth loss.

#3 – Swelling 

Inflammation is often a sign of infection and can occur with or without pain. Swelling in our gum tissue, jaw, or any other area of your mouth may be the first sign that something serious is happening. At Ruggless Dental, one of our experienced dentists will uncover the underlying cause of your inflammation and recommend the appropriate treatment to eliminate the infection and restore your oral health.

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