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Why Partial Dentures Are Still a Reliable Choice

May 29, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Shane Ruggless
Partial Dentures | Ruggless Dental

For some patients, dental implant surgery is not possible because of health challenges or medications that could complicate the procedure or integration process. For this reason, partial dentures remain a popular choice in our Springfield, IL dental office.

What Are Partial Dentures?

There are two types of partial dentures – fixed and removable. 

Many people do not realize that dental bridges are also called fixed partial dentures. They do not move because the artificial tooth or teeth are anchored by crowns to two healthy teeth. 

Removable partials are the ones that people think of when they have multiple missing teeth throughout the mouth. A removable partial denture includes a base made of cobalt, pink resin, or clear flexible options.

Partial removable dentures secure to remaining natural teeth with small clasps. They cannot withstand the same force as natural teeth, so it is a good idea to consider dietary restrictions that having a denture can cause. 

We choose denture teeth that closely match your natural teeth color and shape so that your smile looks natural.

How Do I Get Partial Dentures?

We meticulously design dentures in our Springfield, IL dental office to ensure a proper fit and attractive outcome. We will begin with a full evaluation and proceed to gather all of the details necessary to create your new smile.

  • Treatment of any gum disease or decay
  • X-rays (we use ultra-safe digital x-rays)
  • Impressions to create models of teeth
  • Consultation for appearance and goals
  • Whitening, if you wish to have a brighter smile

Once we send the information to our trusted local dental lab, we will allow enough time for your partial dentures to be created and then arrange a final fitting to adjust clasps and make sure your new partial feels comfortable and functions appropriately.

To learn more about dentures, dental implants, fixed bridges, or partial dentures, contact Ruggless Dental to arrange a consultation to discuss the many modern teeth replacement alternatives.

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