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Invisalign Vs Braces: The Pros and Cons of Each

November 16, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Shane Ruggless
Pros and cons of invisalign and braces

When considering orthodontics, weighing your options and choosing the system that best fits your needs and lifestyle is essential. And with all orthodontic systems, there are pros and cons. However, one person’s con may be a pro to someone else!

Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of traditional braces and Invisalign in Springfield, IL. And you can decide for yourself whether a disadvantage is really an advantage.

Reasons You Might Choose Orthodontics

Some patients choose orthodontics strictly for cosmetics—straight teeth and a winning smile. However, many dentists recommend orthodontics if your bite is misaligned and you’re putting too much stress on specific teeth.

Orthodontics is indeed about more than smile appearance. There are oral health benefits alongside smile enhancement.

So you may choose traditional braces or Invisalign to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, but your dentist recommends treatment to improve your oral health.

Oral Health Benefits of Orthodontics

Misaligned teeth can put wear and tear on your smile. Over time, you may notice short or worn teeth as a result. Smile misalignment may also contribute to cavities and even tooth fractures down the line.

Additionally, when your teeth line up correctly, they are easier to keep clean with your toothbrush and dental floss. This is because there are fewer overlapping or tight spaces for bacteria and tartar to collect.

traditional braces and invisalign in Sprinfield, ILTraditional Braces and Invisalign in Springfield, IL

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are made of brackets and wires. Typically, the brackets are metal and fixed to the front surfaces of teeth. Your dentist guides the wires through the brackets and adjusts them every few weeks to bring your teeth into proper alignment over time.


Invisalign is a sequence of clear aligners worn over the teeth. You wear them for about 22 hours daily and visit the dentist only periodically for orthodontic checks. You can switch out your aligners on your own.

Traditional Braces and Invisalign: Pros and Cons

When it comes to the pros and cons, Invisalign emerges as the clear winner for a few reasons.

Pros of Invisalign

  • Compared with traditional braces, Invisalign is discreet.
  • Compared with traditional braces, Invisalign is more comfortable because it is made of clear, smooth plastic instead of weighty metal.
  • Unlike traditional braces, you can remove Invisalign during meals or brush and floss your teeth, making eating more enjoyable and brushing and flossing more effective.
  • Most patients prefer the discretion and ease of wear offered by Invisalign.

Cons of Invisalign

  • Invisalign may not be the best option for severe misalignment. However, your dentist will determine whether it is right for you. In many instances, it can work for complex cases.
  • Because Invisalign clear aligners are removable, they may be lost if you don’t store them in their proper cases.

Pros of Traditional Braces

  • Traditional braces may be the better option for severe orthodontic issues. They have a tried-and-true reputation for working well in complex cases.

Cons of Traditional Braces

  • Draw attention to the treatment
  • Bulky and uncomfortable
  • May scratch oral tissues
  • More frequent visits to the dentist during treatment
  • Not removable for efficient brushing and flossing
  • Not removable during meals

Is Orthodontics Right for You?Orthodontics in Springfield, IL

In our dental office, we offer Invisalign, and our patients have loved their results. However, the first step is always to consult your Springfield Invisalign dentist. At this visit, we learn whether Invisalign can address your orthodontic issues, and we answer all your questions, including orthodontic timeline and cost.

If Invisalign is suitable for your orthodontic needs, we take impressions, send the results to Invisalign, and wait for your aligners to arrive. When they come in, you visit us, and we place the first set. From there, you change them every few weeks until you’ve exhausted your supply. Across these weeks, you’ll notice your teeth lining up and your smile improving.

After treatment, we supply you with a custom retainer to keep your smile lined up correctly, protecting your investment by preventing orthodontic relapse.

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