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Dental patient trying out shade for teeth whitening in 62704

What to Expect from In-House Teeth Whitening

September 29, 2020
Posted By: Ruggless Dental
Dental patient smiling after professional teeth whitening in Springfield

Are you interested in brightening your smile by up to eight shades in just one dental visit?

Professional teeth whitening allows Dr. Shane Ruggless to erase years of food and beverage stains. Decades ago, the only people walking around with a flawless, dazzling smile were Hollywood starlets, but now they are accessible to everyone. 

If you want to enhance your smile quickly, please keep reading to find out more about professional teeth whitening in Springfield, IL.

Professional Teeth Whitening in 62704

All cosmetic dental treatments in Springfield begin with a dental cleaning and exam to look for underlying dental issues like tooth decay, infection, or gum disease. Your oral health is our first priority before we can focus on improving your smile. Additionally, a polished tooth surface allows Dr. Ruggless to distribute the professional-grade bleaching gel evenly. 

As soon as we determine that your teeth and gums are healthy, we'll prepare your teeth for whitening by protecting them with gauze to keep your gums, lips, and cheeks from touching the bleaching gel. Improper application of the whitening gel can damage your teeth and cause sensitivity. 

In-office professional teeth whitening in 62704 involves gel activation, which provides reliable and beautiful results. Patients can come in during their lunch hour and leave with a noticeably brighter smile in under an hour. Your Springfield dentist office will custom fabricate a personalized whitening tray after completing impressions of your mouth.

A custom tray keeps the bleaching gel from leaking over your gums. Dr. Ruggless will then activate the bleaching treatment with a painless light, which stimulates oxygen in the teeth whitening gel and removes stubborn dark stains. 

After Your Teeth Whitening Procedure

We may need to apply several rounds of bleaching gel to your whitening tray and activate it with a light to achieve the shade you want. 

Teeth whitening is not a permanent treatment, but patients can extend the look by keeping clear of staining foods and drinks like curries, coffee, red wine, and tomato sauce. Tobacco products can make teeth dull, so you might want to consider quitting!

Contact Our Springfield, IL Dentist Office for Teeth Whitening

Many patients love this cost-effective and stress-free cosmetic dental procedure. Call Ruggless Dental today to schedule your teeth whitening treatment.

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