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Dental Issues that Affect Overall Health

October 16, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Shane Ruggless
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When you think about dental health, you probably only think about your teeth and gums. However, your oral health can have a big effect on your overall health. The best way to stay healthy when it comes to your oral health is to keep up with your at-home care, and to be sure to visit your dentist regularly to prevent any serious issues from forming!

Your Oral Health

Keeping up with your oral health is well worth it! When you fall behind on dental visits or brushing and flossing at home, bacteria can accumulate in your mouth, and it can lead to severe health issues in regards to your teeth, and also to your entire body. Some of the conditions linked to oral health are heart disease, dementia, respiratory conditions, and diabetes. Needless to say, these conditions are much more costly and life-changing than paying for the simple preventative care of visiting a dentist regularly. 

One of the major oral health conditions that can cause full body concerns is gum disease. Gum disease occurs when the bacteria buildup on your teeth begins to create an inflammation of the gums. This causes the gums to pull away and recede. Since gum disease can often be painless, many people don't know that they have the condition. Some of the major symptoms are bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, swollen gums, receding gums, or loose adult teeth. 

The best way to prevent gum disease, and other oral health concerns, is to visit the dentist regularly. If you make it to your twice-yearly exams, your dentist will be able to properly clean your teeth, and also examine your teeth and gums for any signs of problems. This allows your dentist to treat any concerns before they become serious, costly treatments for you. At-home dental care simply isn't enough to stay healthy!

Dentist Springfield IL

If you have any questions about your oral health and your overall health, let our team of experts help you! We are always happy to answer any questions, and we look forward to helping you ensure that you have a healthy, happy smile for years to come. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment with our experienced dentist in Springfield, IL. 

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