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How a Dental Crown Can Save a Damaged Tooth

December 22, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Shane Ruggless
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In our Springfield, IL dental office, we always work hard to save damaged teeth, and dental crowns play a big part in our strategy. A crack, fracture, or decay in your tooth compromises the structure of that tooth, leaving it vulnerable to deeper fractures, infections, or more severe breakage. 
However, not all fractures are caused by trauma. Wear and tear may happen even if you maintain optimal oral hygiene, brushing and flossing twice per day. Fortunately, dental crowns can save a tooth damaged by decay and wear.

How Dental Crowns Work

At Ruggless Dental, Dr. Shane Ruggless creates a strong and natural-looking dental crown to support your tooth and restore your comfort. A crown, designed to look just like surrounding teeth, covers your damaged or worn tooth above the gum line.
Your dental crown then absorbs some of the impact associated with chewing. It even reinforces a previously damaged tooth’s strength. The process starts with an assessment to make sure your tooth is a good candidate for a dental crown. If it is, tooth preparation is the next step!

Our skilled dentist clears away any bacteria and smooths the tooth in a way that is supportive of your new dental crown. Following new crown placement, we will make adjustments to enhance the fit and look.
Our dentist will then give you aftercare instructions to help you get the most out of your new crown!
Remember, with good home care and routine dental appointments, your crown can provide many years of service and continue making your previously worn or damaged tooth vital!

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If you’ve considered getting a dental crown (or crowns), contact our Springfield, IL dental office today. The Ruggless Dental staff will set you up with an assessment to determine whether your tooth is a good candidate for a dental crown!

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