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Common Misconceptions about Dentures

June 28, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Shane Ruggless
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Because of how dentures used to look, many people have misconceptions about wearing dentures. If you need dentures in the Springfield, IL area, we recommend that you contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ruggless. He is experienced at creating comfortable, esthetic dentures that give you the freedom to eat more foods and enjoy smiling again.

Our Dentures Look Natural

Dentures do not have to be generic looking boxy teeth like what your grandparents had. Modern dentistry has provided us with more esthetic options that match your facial features and your appearance. Your dentures can look very much like your natural teeth in size, shape, and color.

Options for Denture Stability

If you have suffered bone resorption due to early tooth loss or from gum disease, you may have a difficult time finding dentures that fit properly. We can use dental implants to give you a higher level of stability when it comes to keeping your dentures in place. Dental implant-supported dentures give you greater confidence than adhesives and keep your denture stable while you chew and speak without sticky adhesives.

Dental implants have the added benefit of bone retention, so you can prevent further bone loss.

Partial Dentures that Match Your Smile

If you need a partial denture, Dr. Ruggless will expertly match your partial denture to your natural teeth so that your smile appears seamless. We offer metal and lightweight partials, depending on your needs. We can discuss which will work best for you.

Ongoing Denture Care

Even if you have complete dentures, we still recommend that you come to our office for regular exams. We will do an oral cancer screening to rule out any suspicious lesions and check your denture’s fit and function. We can look for damage and make any adjustments you need to keep your denture fitting its best.

If you need dentures in Springfield, IL, contact our office right away! Dr. Ruggless’s experience and passion for dentistry will provide you with an excellent outcom

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