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What Are the Advantages of Dental Bridges?

September 20, 2022
Posted By: Ruggless Dental

If you're looking for a non-surgical tooth replacement option that still provides the aesthetics and function you need, a dental bridge in Springfield may be the right solution for your smile.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A bridge is a fixed appliance that replaces one or more missing teeth in a row. Being fixed means that it's placed in your mouth and not removable. Bridges are typically made of ceramic porcelain that Dr. Ruggless customizes to match and complement your smile.

The bridge uses permanent crowns on each end to anchor your prosthetic tooth or teeth in the middle. After completing your dental bridge, you'll be able to eat, chew, and smile with ease and confidence again.

The Benefits of Choosing a Dental Bridge for Your Smile

A bridge is an ideal tooth replacement option for someone who can't or doesn't want to go through surgery for implant placement. A bridge is also less expensive than a dental implant for tooth replacement. In addition, your bridge will fill the gaps in your smile and keep surrounding teeth from moving into the open space left by missing teeth.

You'll be able to brush your bridge just like your natural teeth, although it's best to use a soft bristle brush and non-abrasive toothpaste. You can also floss around your anchor crowns. Keeping the anchor teeth clean and plaque-free helps you maintain your smile and provides longevity for your bridge.

How Can I Learn More about Dental Bridges in Springfield, IL?

Dr. Ruggless has helped hundreds of patients replace missing teeth, which restores their smiles and confidence! If you'd like to learn more about tooth replacement options for your smile, the first step is to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Ruggless so he can customize a treatment plan and review your treatment options with you.

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