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Common Misconceptions about Dentures

image of Dentures | Springfield IL

Because of how dentures used to look, many people have misconceptions about wearing dentures. If you need dentures in the Springfield, IL area, we recommend that you contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ruggless. He is experienced at creating comfortable, esthetic dentures that give you the freedom to eat more foods and enjoy smiling again.

Our Dentures Look Natural

Dentures do not have to be generic looking boxy teeth like what your grandparents had. Modern dentistry has provided us with more esthetic options that match your facial features and your appearance. Your dentures can look very much like your natural teeth in size, shape, and color.

Options for Denture Stability

If you ...

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Proper Flossing Techniques

Springfield IL Dentist | image of hands holding Floss

Spending all the time in the world on taking care of your teeth will not amount to a healthy smile unless you use the proper techniques. If you are looking for a dentist in the Springfield, IL area that focuses on educating patients toward better oral health, you have come to the right place.

We know that your home care skills may have become rusty over time. Techniques are undergoing constant improvement and research in order to help people enjoy their natural teeth for a lifetime.

Flossing Matters

Flossing is one of those home care habits that requires a certain level of practice to master.  Start by taking a nice long piece of ...

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Effects of Tobacco on Your Oral Health

woman holding a picture with a smile | Dentist Springfield IL | Tobacco Use

You probably know that smoking can cause lung cancer, respiratory problems, and cost you a load of money from month to month. Did you know, however, that smoking or using chewing tobacco can have a serious negative impact on the health and appearance of your smile? One of the most deadly and disfiguring forms of cancer is oral cancer. It can often fly undetected under the radar for years as it slowly progresses and becomes more invasive. Your best chance for early detection and diagnosis is through your regular dental visits.

Tobacco Use and Your Teeth

We perform life-saving oral cancer screenings at each hygiene appointment to look for suspicious lesions inside ...

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The Importance of Communication with Your Dentist

woman getting dental work | Dentist Springfield IL

Are you looking for a gentle, high-quality dentist in Springfield, IL? Choosing a dentist is a big decision because your healthcare providers play a big role in your overall health. Just like choosing a doctor, choosing a dentist can be confusing because there are so many options and you may not know which questions to ask.

Open Communication

Having good communication with your dentist is important. You should feel like you can ask questions and express concerns when it comes to your oral health. Your dentist should listen intently and answer each of your questions until you fully understand your conditions and treatment options.

Feeling welcome in the office is essential. The ...

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The Affordability of Dental Implants

Dental Implants diagram | Springfield IL

If you are considering dental implants, you may have questions about their affordability. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants provide an exceptional value. They are long lasting, sturdy, and preserve the integrity of your adjacent teeth.

Dental Implants Are Most Like Your Natural Teeth

Single dental implants mimic your natural teeth. The titanium conical screw integrates with your body’s natural bone creating a stable foundation for your dental crown. When properly placed, dental implants can last decades – completing your smile and making it possible to eat healthy foods.

Conservative Treatment

Unlike dental bridges, dental implants do not require prepping of your adjacent teeth. With dental bridges, the teeth on either ...

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Feeling Comfortable at the Dentist

girl smiling & sitting in the dental chair | Springfield IL

If you and your family need a dentist in the Springfield, IL area, we look forward to welcoming you to our dental family. Our team takes pride in providing our patients with compassionate, gentle care at Ruggless Dental. 

Your health is a top priority, but we also believe that dental care can be a positive experience for patients, even though we know you would probably prefer to spend your time somewhere other than the dental chair!

We develop trust with our patients by providing great dentistry consistently. We believe in doing things right the first time and never cut corners with our patients.

  • We take our time – We set aside enough time ...

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When You Need a Tooth Extraction

image of a panoramic set of x-rays | Tooth Extractions Springfield IL

At Ruggless Dental, we work with our patients to establish healthy home care routines, a good preventive dentistry treatment plan, and regularly review the heath of your teeth to avoid tooth extractions whenever possible.

We understand that a tooth extraction can put your health and your appearance at risk and we use tooth extractions as a last resort to protect your health.

Sometimes, even our most conscientious dental patients suffer from an unexpected condition or trauma. Some of the common reasons why we may need to remove your tooth are:

  • Pain – Unexplained pain after a root canal procedure may indicate a continued problem. Occasionally, a dental extraction is the best solution.
  • Cracked tooth ...

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