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Weighing Your Tooth Replacement Options

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Finding the right option for a tooth replacement can be a real pain. There are several options to consider when choosing which service to replace missing teeth. The most common options offered are dental implants and partial dentures. Dental implants are the longer lasting and more effective of the two options because the implants titanium permanently fixed in place. Partial dentures are false teeth that are secured with adhesive to replace missing teeth.

Comparing Dental Implants and Partial Dentures

There are some significant differences to consider when choosing between dental implants and partial dentures:

  • Cost and Insurance coverage: Dental implants are more expensive than partial dentures and tend to usually be covered by ...

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Not Your Grandmothers Dentures!

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When people think of dentures, it often comes with a negative connotation, or an image of your grandmother adjusting or removing her dentures. However, when dentures are fitted properly, they can actually be extremely comfortable and effective, without anyone knowing that you are wearing them! In fact, one of the most popular choices for dentures today is to have implant-supported dentures, which are a more stable choice. 

Implant Supported Dentures

Normal dentures are simply fitted inserts that you place in your mouth with some adhesive to hold them in place while you go about your normal life. However, ill-fitting dentures can be a serious problem. Not only can they cause discomfort, ...

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Dental Implants in 3 Steps

Dental Implants Springfield IL

Dental implants are one of the most popular choices today for tooth replacement, and with good reason. Implants are durable, comfortable, and they look and feel like natural teeth. If you're looking into tooth replacement options, chances are that dental implants are on your radar. The process for getting an implant is fairly straightforward, and can be explained in three simple steps that you can expect: 

  • Extraction and implant: The first step towards getting your implant will be to extract the natural tooth that is no longer usable. In many cases, your dentist can actually extract the tooth in the same procedure as placing the new dental implant post. The implant ...

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Dental Filling Process

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Dental fillings are one of the most common dental procedures. A filling is needed when a tooth begins to decay, and the bacteria in the mouth creates an infection and hole in the tooth. This is called a cavity, and treating it with a filling will prevent more decay from forming in the same area of that tooth. Here is what you can expect for your dental filling process: 

  • Exam: The first step towards a dental filling is your exam. A dentist will examine your teeth and gums and take x-rays to find any issues that you may be experiencing. X-rays allow dentists to see areas of the tooth that ...

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Finding a Great Dental Office Environment

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Finding a great dentist can make a huge difference in your overall experience with any treatments you have. But finding a great dentist is only one step- you also need to find an office that you feel comfortable in as well! Here are some tips on finding the right dental office environment for your needs: 

  • Prioritize: Think about what's most important to you in a dental office. Are you looking for a location that is close to your home or office? Are you hoping for an office that has some great amenities to enjoy during your procedures? Is a great office staff at the top of your list? Consider which parts ...

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Considering Dental Implants

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If you are in need of a tooth replacement option, chances are that you've heard about dental implants. This is becoming a very popular treatment option for many patients, and with good reason! When considering your treatment options, the best way to get started is to visit an experienced dentist for a consultation, and advice on what the right choice will be. 

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the major choices available today when it comes to tooth replacement. Here's some of the benefits of this treatment option: 

  • Durable: Dental implants are extremely durable, as they are a permanent implant into your jawbone, topped with a full crown. This ...

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Dental Issues that Affect Overall Health

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When you think about dental health, you probably only think about your teeth and gums. However, your oral health can have a big effect on your overall health. The best way to stay healthy when it comes to your oral health is to keep up with your at-home care, and to be sure to visit your dentist regularly to prevent any serious issues from forming!

Your Oral Health

Keeping up with your oral health is well worth it! When you fall behind on dental visits or brushing and flossing at home, bacteria can accumulate in your mouth, and it can lead to severe health issues in regards to your teeth, and also ...

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