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Are You a Candidate for Dental Bonding?

Dental Bonding Springfield | Dr. Shane Ruggless

Dental bonding is a quick and non-invasive way to improve the appearance of your smile. Dental bonding uses composite resin, the same material we use for fillings, to add to your existing tooth structure, changing the shape of your tooth or repairing it after a chip.

Composite resin comes in a wide variety of shades so we can match it precisely to your natural teeth. Composite is incredibly durable and will last for many years, barring secondary decay or teeth grinding.

Are You a Good Candidate for Bonding?

Do you want to make small improvements to your teeth?

If you have a narrow gap or small chips, you might benefit from dental bonding. ...

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National Nutrition Month and Your Oral Health

National Nutrition Month | Ruggless Dental

How Nutrition Affects Your Oral Health

March is National Nutrition Month and a great time to discuss all the ways that your diet can affect the health of your teeth. You have probably grown up hearing that calcium and vitamin D are the keys to success when relating the foods we eat to the health of your teeth.

The truth is that dental nutrition goes much further than that!

Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables!

As with your overall health, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can promote good teeth by providing proper nutrition to fuel the rest of your body. Because eating raw fruits and vegetables stimulates the production of saliva, you get ...

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The Beginnings of Gum Disease

Flossing | Ruggless Dental

Gum Disease

Gum disease can sneak up on anyone.

Even if you have great home care and twice-yearly dental appointments, a change in your medical health, hormone fluctuations, and even stress can all affect the health of your gums. If you have systemic conditions, such as diabetes, you may suddenly find yourself battling gum disease when you have never suffered from it before.

The beginning stages of gum disease can have subtle symptoms that include tenderness in the gums, which can occur in one area or multiple areas. You may experience bleeding when you brush or floss your teeth. If something is lodged in your gums, the bleeding should resolve with extra attention ...

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Finding a Great Dentist in Springfield

Man at Dentist | Ruggless Dental

You are looking for a dentist, and a quick search shows an overwhelming amount of options of dentists near you. How do you know which one to choose? Here are some tips to filter through the many choices to find the best fit for you!

Tips for Finding a Local Dentist

  • Be Specific: are you looking for teeth whitening? Try looking specifically for a dentist that specializes in this service. Are you looking for a dentist for your child? Try looking for a pediatric dentist. It will be easy to find a dentist close to you that offers the service you need, at a location near you.
  • Choose a Specific Area: The world ...

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Weighing Your Tooth Replacement Options

dentist springfield il

Finding the right option for a tooth replacement can be a real pain. There are several options to consider when choosing which service to replace missing teeth. The most common options offered are dental implants and partial dentures. Dental implants are the longer lasting and more effective of the two options because the implants titanium permanently fixed in place. Partial dentures are false teeth that are secured with adhesive to replace missing teeth.

Comparing Dental Implants and Partial Dentures

There are some significant differences to consider when choosing between dental implants and partial dentures:

  • Cost and Insurance coverage: Dental implants are more expensive than partial dentures and tend to usually be covered by ...

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Not Your Grandmothers Dentures!

Dentures | Ruggless Dental

When people think of dentures, it often comes with a negative connotation, or an image of your grandmother adjusting or removing her dentures. However, when dentures are fitted properly, they can actually be extremely comfortable and effective, without anyone knowing that you are wearing them! In fact, one of the most popular choices for dentures today is to have implant-supported dentures, which are a more stable choice. 

Implant Supported Dentures

Normal dentures are simply fitted inserts that you place in your mouth with some adhesive to hold them in place while you go about your normal life. However, ill-fitting dentures can be a serious problem. Not only can they cause discomfort, ...

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Dental Implants in 3 Steps

Dental Implants Springfield IL

Dental implants are one of the most popular choices today for tooth replacement, and with good reason. Implants are durable, comfortable, and they look and feel like natural teeth. If you're looking into tooth replacement options, chances are that dental implants are on your radar. The process for getting an implant is fairly straightforward, and can be explained in three simple steps that you can expect: 

  • Extraction and implant: The first step towards getting your implant will be to extract the natural tooth that is no longer usable. In many cases, your dentist can actually extract the tooth in the same procedure as placing the new dental implant post. The implant ...

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