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Keeping Your Retainer Clean (Hint: It's Really Easy!)

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Regular retainer use after your Invisalign treatment in Springfield, IL will prevent your teeth from moving back toward their original location. This is an essential part of the treatment process. Don’t worry; you will soon be able to graduate to retainer use at night only.

An easy way to keep your retainer clean is to brush it with a soft-bristled brush every time you brush your teeth – morning and night.

As with your natural teeth, your retainer can collect tartar, bacteria, and unpleasant odors. Keeping it clean will give you a clean mouth and fresher breath. Keeping it away from pets is essential too, as they can destroy a retainer in ...

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Do You Have a Dead Tooth?

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A dead tooth sounds like a big problem, and it can be, but if you want a dentist in Springfield, IL to find a solution, Dr. Shane Ruggless can help. A dead tooth does not necessarily mean a dental extraction; in fact, that is the last resort.

Teeth consist of three parts: enamel, dentin, and pulp. The pulp is composed of nerves and blood vessels. A dead tooth means it no longer receives the blood supply to keep it vital. This can result in two main symptoms:

Tooth discoloration – The lack of blood supply may cause the tooth to become gray or dark in color.

Pain and inflammation – Bacteria that reach ...

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Fast Tips for Keeping Whitened Teeth Looking Beautiful

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Whitening your teeth requires both a financial and time commitment. When you finally reach your ideal shade, keeping it that way is important. How quickly your teeth need a touch-up depends mostly on your habits and lifestyle.

We offer both speedy in-office teeth whitening and convenient custom take-home teeth whitening in our Springfield, IL dental office.

Here are some easy ways to keep your brightest smile.

Rinse after You Drink Coffee

If you enjoy a morning cup o’ joe, rinsing your mouth immediately after finishing your coffee will reduce the stains that settle into the microscopic pores of your enamel. It’s a good idea to avoid brushing your teeth immediately after you drink acidic ...

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How Dental Fillings Treat Cavities

a before an after image of dental fillings | dental fillings Springfield IL

Cavities are one of the most common preventable conditions in both adults and children. We take care of fillings in our Springfield, IL dental office using natural-looking tooth-colored composite. 

While a significant reduction in the instances of tooth decay in recent years has helped patients keep their smiles healthy, it is still a common occurrence due to the amount of sugar added to everyday foods.

How Sugar Impacts Oral Health

Bacteria collect on teeth and gums where it is warm and moist. They need fuel to reproduce and the most readily fuel is sugar. The highest quantity of sugar comes from refined sources like candy, soda, ketchup, barbecue sauce, bagels, and breakfast cereals. ...

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Quality of Life Suffering? Talk to Dr. Ruggless about Securing Your Dentures with Implants

diagram of a fixed partial denture | Dental Implants Springfield IL

People are living longer than ever and staying active well into their golden years – both professionally and socially. Naturally, this dramatically improves the quality of life seniors enjoy today compared with decades ago. 

As a result, looking their best is essential to many of our patients. Your smile is an integral part of how you feel about yourself and your appearance. It is the accessory you wear every day. Feeling confident in your teeth and smile is essential at any age and encourages patients to express themselves and laugh openly.

Modern Denture Improvements

Today’s conventional dentures have improved in both esthetics and function over the last two decades. Fortunately, modern dentistry has ...

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3 Common Misconceptions about Dental Implants

dental implant in bone | dental implants springfield il

With increasing popularity, dental implants are fast becoming the preferred way to replace missing teeth. While many people have heard of dental implants, understanding what they actually are and how they function is an important consideration when considering them to complete your smile.

Here are 3 common misconceptions about dental implants:

#1 Dental Implants Are Removable

Dental implants are made of titanium and fuse with the natural bone to become a stable and permanent part of your smile. While implant-retained dentures are removable, single dental implants and implant bridges are permanent.

Their stability is one of the reasons that patients choose them. It is possible, with the proper care, your dental implant could last ...

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Enjoy Your Holiday Parties with Shining Teeth!

woman smiling with white teeth | teeth whitening springfield il

This time of year it seems that parties fall nearly every other day. If you have company parties or family reunions on the calendar, you probably want to look your best. In addition to the proper attire, you might be thinking about the appearance of your smile, especially if it is a bit darker than it used to be.

The holidays are a great time to have your teeth professionally whitened. A flashy smile for the New Year can be particularly stunning. Since the holidays are just around the corner, why not contact our Springfield, IL dental office to learn more about our professional teeth whitening options.

No Time? Try In-Office Whitening

If ...

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