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Finding the Right Dentist In Springfield, IL

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If you’re like most people, you want a dental office and a dentist that instills confidence. You want a compassionate team who will address your concerns and answer your questions. In the event of a dental emergency, you want a team dedicated to treating your situation quickly and saving your teeth.

At Ruggless Dental, we pride ourselves on our commitment to each patient’s oral health.

Let’s examine what to look for in the right Springfield dentist and dental office.

What to Look for in a Springfield Dentist

Aside from instilling confidence, showing compassion, and addressing your concerns, you want a skilled dentist.

At Ruggless Dental, our Springfield dentist is also a family dentist, which means ...

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You Don't Have to Put Up with Dry Mouth

Dry Mouth | Dental Blog | Dr. Ruggless Springfield IL

Dry mouth feels uncomfortable, especially when trying to speak with that pasty feeling gluing your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Did you know that dry mouth may also contribute to oral health conditions?

Periodontal Disease

Saliva helps to combat gum disease and having a chronically dry mouth may cause you to develop an infection or recession of the gums. Irritation and bleeding while you brush and floss is an early indicator.

Dental Decay

Saliva helps to restore a healthy pH inside the mouth after eating. Without sufficient saliva, your enamel may not recover as quickly after eating sugar, starches, or acidic foods. Saliva also aids in digestion and is the first step ...

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Solving Your Bad Breath Challenges

Solve Bad Breath | Dental Blog Springfield IL

Bad breath may cause people to wrinkle their noses or back away when you’re talking. How embarrassing!

The problem is that most people with bad breath don't know they have it. Having temporary odors caused by onions, garlic, or curry is one thing. Having chronic bad breath is a bigger problem.

Here are some ways you can reduce your chances of having halitosis.

Don’t Forget to Brush Your Tongue

Brushing your teeth is a necessary step to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Have you ever noticed that your tongue has small bumps that create a rough texture? Your tongue is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that cause gum disease and unfresh breath. ...

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Everything Changes with Time - Including Your Oral Health

Tooth Health | Springfield Dentist | Ruggless Dental

A common saying, aging is not for the weak. It means that as we age, we face a number of health challenges that can interfere with a high quality of life. These can include conditions causing chronic pain, medical conditions, more frequent doctor visits, and even necessary treatments to help you stay healthy.

Your teeth and gums are no different than the rest of your body. Extra attention and care can help you maintain your oral health.

A Link between Gum Disease and Heart Disease

The link between heart disease and was discovered decades ago. Periodontal disease, an inflammatory condition, causes a slew of other systemic conditions such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cancer.

Routine ...

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What Exactly Do We Mean by Oral Health?

man thinking | springfield il dentist

When thinking of your oral health, your mouth likely comes to mind, but if you think about eating, kissing, speaking, and smiling, it really is much more than that. After all, your teeth and smile is part of almost everything you do. You use your smile to convey emotion, friendliness, and love. Your smile means a lot to those who love you – so it’s important to recognize its role in your life.

Recently, over 200 professional organizations opted to adopt a new definition of oral health that includes some key components for your quality of life.

The ability to:

  • Talk
  • Smile
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Chew
  • Swallow

The definition also states that oral health includes being able to express yourself ...

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Study Highlights Link between Obesity and Gum Disease

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Having gum disease puts your health at risk. It seems like every new study that emerges outlines a link between gum disease and another system in the body. 

These include:

Circulatory risks – heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure
Respiratory risks – COPD and chronic bronchitis
Nervous system risks – Alzheimer’s
Reproductive risks – low birth weight babies

Now a new study links obesity and periodontal disease along with an increased risk of insulin resistance, this is of particular concern. Obesity increases the risk of systemic illness and cancer. It can seem like a vicious cycle.

We Can Help 

At Ruggless Dental, we are committed to highly personalized dentistry that promotes overall ...

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Are You a Woman with Gum Disease? You Need to Know about This New Study

woman looking out window | sprignfield il dentist

Modern women have a number of complex concerns when it comes to staying healthy and enjoying increased vitality as they age. Since people are living longer and staying socially and professionally active beyond middle age, staying tuned-in to the latest information can give you the necessary knowledge to maintain optimum health.

Though more men suffer from periodontal disease than women – 38% as opposed to 70% – women seem to have more risks associated with it. Until recently, a link to breast cancer was a lone risk factor in the cancer category for women who suffer from gum disease, but a recent study broadens that risk to include gallbladder cancer, esophageal cancer, ...

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