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Custom Porcelain Crown

The patient came into Ruggless Dental with tooth pain on her right side. Her x-rays showed a deep cavity that made it to the nerve of the tooth. Dr. Ruggless performed a root canal on the tooth to remove the infected nerve and get the patient out of pain. As with most back teeth, after a root canal they require a crown. Since the patient was young with pretty teeth it was very important to her that we make a custom crown that fits perfectly in her smile. Dr. Ruggless takes custom shades with photography to help the lab achieve this.The first image shows the photos taken for her custom shade for her porcelain crown. The final image shows the crown just after placement that blends in to complement her beautiful smile.If you are in need of a Springfield, IL dentist who can deliver custom porcelain crowns please call us today at Ruggless Dental to schedule an appointment.